Large vs Small Farms



· Buy a cake of "Cotton Seed" Break it into small pieces Place the pieces into a bag "Burlap bag"

· Soak the bag in water for three days

· Pick out a good fishing spot that you like

· Tie the bag to a tree limb so that it is about 2 feet under the water

· Pour the bucket of water into the same area (Water that cake soaked in)

· Wait about 1-2 weeks Come back prepaired to catch huge amounts of Catfish and bass



· Currently, the Mekong giant catfish P. gigas is listed as endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and is in the process of being re-designated as critically endangered.


Catfish species

There are several kinds of species in catfish family. Catfish species live in freshwater and are found on every continent except for Antarctica. One thing that all known Catfish species have in common is the lack of scales. Another shared characteristic is the hollow leading ray on the dorsal and pectoral fins. Among the most unknown species of catfish are:


Catfish: Feeds & Feeding

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